DVLA March 2024 Auction was online and ran from Wednesday 20th to Tuesday 26th March.


TOP 10


KUR 1D         £51,453

50 DPM         £36,045

8 XU               £32,193

1000 CC        £29,240

56 OO            £28,341

60 DJM          £25,850

181 O             £25,773

88 LAW         £24,656

211 B             £23,231

AYM 3N        £21,150



In at the top was KUR 1D at £51,453 and while this might seem relatively modest for a top spot, it's a commendable price for this particular plate.

Next was the intriguing 50 DPM, which sold for £36,045. It’s significance beyond it being a dateless initials plate remains a mystery.

In third place was 8 XU at £32,193. This would be a great number for someone with the Chinese name Xu, as both names written in Chinese as 徐 and 許 both transliterate to 'Xu', and the presence of the lucky number 8 obviously adds greater desirability to the plate in Chinese Culture.

Number four was 1000 CC which reached £29,240. This is another one that sparks speculation as it would make a great CC initials plate, but there is also the obvious representation of 1000cc as in a car’s engine size. It would look pretty cool on a motorcycle though.

56 OO came in at number five achieving £28,341, a very visually appealing plate.


Word plates

Not a lot of word plates were featured in this auction. There were a few nice representations like AYE 600D at £9,081 and FOR 53T at £6,449.

Also L119 HTS - 'lights' at £6,320; SP21 NGS - 'springs' at £6,192; WAR 910R - 'warrior' at £4,189 and GH20 OST -'ghost' at £2,648.


Name number plates

As mentioned earlier 8 XU we thought was the best name plate, other good name renderings were AYM 3N £21,150, SAD 4M £17,555, SU24 NNE £15,128 and MAD 130N £11,649. Imperfect but visually effective representations such as PH06 EBE £6,620 and SA24 RAH £5,871, WAT 90N at £5,576; CH67 LOE at £5,486 and LAU 23A at £5,216.


Car Plates

Number plates that could reflect car names were, as usual, mostly aimed at Porshe or Ferrari 911 RAT £12,933, 911 TK £12,317, P911 WOW £11,007 and P911 DAK £4,587 and 812 MF at £25,501 could have been bought for its reference to the Ferrari 812, although BUG 10, which did sell for £18,762, could have been bought to put onto a Bugatti instead of a VW Beetle. 


Between the cracks

Once again, not really fitting into any of the usual categories, we find those plates that seem to be chosen purely for their visual appearance like OO24 OOO, which sold for £7,065.




The Stats

March's DVLA online auction comprised 2,500 lots, 2,467 of which were sold and 33 unsold. Purchasers spent a total of £6,745,644, delivering £4,924,784 to the Treasury.


The next DVLA timed online auction will take place from Wednesday 8th May to Tuesday 14th May 2024.


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