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The Data Protection Act 1998 protects employees against the misuse of personal data and covers both manual and electronic records. The Act requires that any personal data held should be:

  • processed fairly and lawfully;
  • obtained and processed only for specified and lawful purposes;
  • adequate, relevant and not excessive;
  • accurate and kept up to date;
  • held securely and for no longer than is necessary; and
  • not transferred to a country outside the European Economic Area unless there is an adequate level of data protection in that country.

The Act also gives employees certain rights. For employment purposes, the most important right is the right to access the personal data held about the employee.

Purposes for which Personal Data may be Held

Personal data relating to employees may be collected primarily for the purposes of:

  • recruitment, promotion, training, redeployment and/or career development;
  • administration and payment of wages;
  • calculation of certain benefits including pensions;
  • disciplinary or performance management purposes;
  • performance review;
  • recording of communication with employees and their representatives;
  • compliance with legislation;
  • provision of references to financial institutions, to facilitate entry onto educational courses and/or to assist future potential employers; and
  • staffing levels and career planning.

The Company considers that the following personal data falls within the categories set out above:

  • personal details including name, address, age, status and qualifications. Where specific monitoring systems are in place, ethnic origin and nationality will also be deemed as relevant;
  • references and CVs;
  • emergency contact details;
  • notes on discussions between management and the employee;
  • appraisals and documents relating to grievance, discipline, promotion, demotion or termination of employment;
  • training records;
  • salary, benefits and bank/building society details; and
  • absence and sickness information.

Employees or potential employees will be advised by the Company of the personal data which has been obtained or retained, its source, and the purposes for which the personal data may be used or to whom it will be disclosed.

The Company will review the nature of the information being collected and held on an annual basis to ensure there is a sound business reason for requiring the information to be retained.

Sensitive Personal Data

Sensitive personal data includes information relating to the following matters:

  • the employee’s racial or ethnic origin;
  • his or her political opinions;
  • his or her religious or similar beliefs;
  • his or her trade union membership;
  • his or her physical or mental health or condition;
  • his or her sex life; or
  • the commission or alleged commission of any offence by the employee.

The employee’s express written consent must be sought at the point at which sensitive personal data is collected.

Responsibility for the Processing of Personal Data

The Company will appoint a Data Controller as the named individual responsible for ensuring all personal data is controlled in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR.

Employees who have access to personal data must comply with this Policy and adhere to the procedures laid down by the Data Controller. Failure to comply with the Policy and procedures may result in disciplinary action up to and including summary dismissal.

Use of Personal Data

To ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998, GDPR and in the interests of privacy, employee confidence and good employee relations, the disclosure and use of information held by the Company is governed by the following conditions:

  • personal data must only be used for one or more of the purposes specified in this Policy;
  • Company documents may only be used in accordance with the statement within each document stating its intended use; and
  • provided that the identification of individual employees is not disclosed, aggregate or statistical information may be used to respond to any legitimate internal or external requests for data (e.g., surveys, staffing level figures); and
  • personal data must not be disclosed, either within or outside the Company, to any unauthorised recipient.

Personal Data Held for Equal Opportunities Monitoring Purposes

Where personal data obtained about candidates is to be held for the purpose of Equal Opportunities monitoring, all such data must be made anonymous.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Personal data may only be disclosed outside the Company with the employee’s written consent, where disclosure is required by law or where there is immediate danger to the employee’s health.

Accuracy of Personal Data

The Company will review personal data regularly to ensure that it is accurate, relevant and up to date.

In order to ensure the Company’s files are accurate and up to date, and so that the Company is able to contact the employee or, in the case of an emergency, another designated person, employees must notify the Company as soon as possible of any change in their personal details (e.g., change of name, address; telephone number; loss of driving licence where relevant; next of kin details, etc).

Standard printouts of personal records will be issued to all employees on an annual basis for the purposes of ensuring the data is up to date and accurate. Employees will be entitled to amend any incorrect details and these corrections will be made to all files held on the Company’s information systems. In some cases, documentary evidence, e.g., qualification certificates, will be requested before any changes are made.

Once completed, these records will be stored in the employee’s personnel file.

Access to Personal Data (“Subject Access Requests”)

Employees have the right to access personal data held about them. The Company will arrange for the employee to see or hear all personal data held about them within 40 days of receipt of a written request and subject to a £10.00 administration fee.


1. Data Protection & Privacy

Moonstone Plates is committed to protecting your privacy. We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully, in accordance with the ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We may collect limited information about you to enable us to process any orders you may place and to provide services you may request. We may also, with your consent, send you news, updates and offers. Our intention is to provide you with the best possible service. All personal data is held securely in accordance with our internal security policy and the law.

We aim to process information about you in a fair and transparent manner and to ensure that information we hold is accurate and up to date. The aim of this document is to provide you with sufficient information for you to be able to understand what we are doing with your data.

You have the right to object to the collection and/or processing of personal data. If you have objections or concerns, are unsure how we are handling or using information about you, or you think we could improve our privacy information please contact our Data Controller.


Michelle Alston,,


This is also the address to send emails informing us of errors or inaccuracies in data. If we are made aware of any errors or inaccuracies, we will delete or correct the relevant data promptly.

We will not share your data with any third party except where required to do so in response to lawful request by government or law enforcement agencies, or with your consent.

2. Data Processing

Moonstone Plates collects and processes data for the purposes set out below. Each use of data is conducted according to a lawful basis and the basis for each category of data use is specified, along with the data types concerned.

2.1 Order/ Purchase Processing

LAWFUL BASIS & data types

Legitimate Interests. Our 'legitimate interest' for collecting and processing some of your personal data is fulfilment of your order: an essential part of our business.

Types of Data :- Name, address, telephone number(es), email address(es), bank account details

2.2 Valuation Services

LAWFUL BASIS & data types

Legitimate Interests. Our 'legitimate interest' for collecting and processing some of your personal data is fulfilment of your service request: an essential part of our business and necessary to provide you with the information you require.

Types of Data :- Name, address, telephone number(es), email address(es)

2.3 Sales & Purchase Enquiries

LAWFUL BASIS & data types

Legitimate Interests. Our 'legitimate interest' for collecting and processing this data is the need to respond fully to your product or service enquiry: an essential part of our business and necessary to provide you with the information you require.

Types of Data :- Name, address, telephone number(es), email address(es)

2.4 Magazine Request

LAWFUL BASIS & data types

Consent. With your express consent, we use your data in order to provide you with the products and services to which you have subscribed. We may contact you by post, email and/or phone/SMS.

Types of Data :- Name, address, telephone number(es), email address(es)

2.5 Subscription Services

LAWFUL BASIS & data types

Consent. With your express consent, we use your data in order to provide you with the products and services to which you have subscribed. We may contact you by post, email and/or phone/SMS.

Types of Data :- Name, address, telephone number(es), email address(es)

2.6 Marketing Services

LAWFUL BASIS & data types

Consent. With your express consent, we use your data in order to provide you with information regarding special offers, price reductions, registrations of specific relevance and similar information. We may provide this information to you by post, email and/or phone/SMS.

Types of Data :- Name, address, telephone number(es), email address(es)

3. Cookies

A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on the visitor's computer, enabling us to recognise regular visitors and to customise our service accordingly. No personal information about the user is stored in, or retrieved from, the cookie files.

Moonstone Plates uses cookies to enable us to provide an enhanced, personalised service to our visitors (for example to remember who you are when you want to amend your data without having to re-enter your username and password). Our cookies do not enable us to see any other information from the visitor's computer, and they pose no threat to your security or privacy.

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