When does the 24 plate come out?


The 24-age identifier came out on all new cars that were registered from 1st March 2024 and will adorn all new cars until the ’74’ plate arrives which will be on 1st September this year.  As such, March’s 24 number plates replace the 73 plates which arrived in September 2023.

Let us explain a little more in-depth on how and when the current registration plates are issued.


How do UK number plates currently work?

Our Current Number Plate System was first introduced in 2001, with plates changing twice a year, 1st March and then 6 months later on 1st September. They’re made up of three parts…

The first two letters of your car’s number plate refer to where it was registered. The first letter is for the region, and the second is for the local DVLA office.

The two numbers following this are an age identifier, changed every 6 months at the beginning of March and September. The number in March equates to the current year, while in September, it’s simply the current year plus 50. For example, March 2024 = 24, and September 2024 = 74.

The last three letters are randomly generated to provide the vehicle with a unique identity.

The 24 number plates were released in March 2024, and remain as the date signifier for all cars registered between then and the 1st September 2024. The date signifier will then change to 74 from all cars registered between 1st September 2024 until the last day in February 2025 when they will then change to 25.

You can see how the number plate format has changed through the years below:


Suffix system 1963-1983

Prefix system 1983-2001

Current system 2001-present 

1963 A

1983 Y/A

2001 X/Y/51

1964 B

1984 A/B

2002 02/52

1965 C

1985 B/C

2003 03/53

1966 D

1986 C/D

2004 04/54

1967 E/F

1987 D/E

2005 05/55

1968 F/G

1988 E/F

2006 06/56

1969 G/H

1989 F/G

2007 07/57

1970 H/J

1990 G/H

2008 08/58

1971 J/K

1991 H/J

2009 09/59

1972 K/L

1992 J/K

2010 10/60

1973 L/M

1993 K/L

2011 11/61

1974 M/N

1994 L/M

2012 12/62

1975 N/P

1995 M/N

2013 13/63

1976 P/R

1996 N/P

2014 14/64

1977 R/S

1997 P/R

2015 15/65

1978 S/T

1998 R/S

2016 16/66

1979 T/V

1999 S/T/V

2017 17/67

1980 V/W

2000 V/W/X

2018 18/68

1981 W/X

2001 X/Y/51

2019 19/69

1982 X/Y


2020 20/70

1983 Y/A


2021 21/71



2022 22/72



2023 23/73



2024 24/74



2025 25/75



2026 26/76



2027 27/77



2028 28/78



2029 29/79



2030 30/80


This current style will run until the year 2050 as the age identifier reaches 100, but as of yet we are unsure what a 2050 year plate will look like.



What does the future hold?

2050 may seem like forever away, but remember being in junior school and being asked to imagine what life will be like in 20 years time – then boom just like that there you are in your 30’s!!

So far, a new system has to be decided upon and implemented, but who knows what this could be, with another 26 years to decide it is probably not on this month’s DVLA agenda.



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