Are tinted number plates legal?

Are tinted, coloured or grey number plates legal?

Thinking of getting a nice pair of tinted number plates and wondered if you can put them on your car legally, well the answer unfortunately is no, as tinted number plates do not meet the necessary legal requirements for road use. As a darkened/tinted acrylic layer is used, it affects the output of the reflective material and disrupts the reflection. Furthermore, having a coloured background is also illegal as they too fail to meet the UK's stringent criteria for number plate visibility.


Moreover, even if the letters sit in front of the tinted layer, as with 3D and 4D plates, DVLA standards still classify tinted plates as obstructive to registration. The rationale is that the darker background diminishes the legibility of letters and digits, which is crucial for identification.


Should you opt to use these tinted plates and venture onto the road with them, be prepared for consequences. The Police will have reason to stop you and issue you with a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) usually amounting to £100, along with an order to replace the plates. You would then require verification by a registered MOT station with the new plates.


As a verified DVLA plate supplier we produce completely road-legal standard and 4D registration plates that conform to DVLA’s stringent standards, as verified by DVLA inspections at our premises. Ordering through us will guarantee that you receive a product that meets all legal requirements for road use.



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