Get the winning score with a football themed number plate

When it comes to the world of football, talk to any avid supporter and they will tell you anything and everything there is to know about their beloved football team. It’s not just the wearing of the football shirt or scarf, it goes much deeper than that. Loyal supporters will back their team every step of the way, win or lose. Their passion and enthusiasm goes way beyond the electrifying buzz of the football stadium, with debates and banter occurring in pubs and clubs, supporters are now showing their dedication in other ways. As the emerging trend of football themed plates becomes apparent, fans are eager to get their hands on a plate that shows the true colours of their football team.


Thousands of combinations are available for football teams up and down the country, also abbreviated initials of their favourite players.



Normally footballers try to disguise their identity when out and about, but when it comes to their elite cars, they like to put their stamp on it.

Like David Beckham when he was playing for Manchester United as midfielder and was living here in the UK, he owned several private plates, including DB 7 which was proudly displayed on his Aston Martin DB 7 – coincidently this was also his initials and shirt number.

When Christiano Ronaldo replaced Beckham, he too liked his flashy cars. Russell Baldwin was the owner of CR 7 and put this plate on an old Ford Escort car and then purposely parked or drove his car where he hoped would be spotted by the man himself. Sure enough, the plan worked and Ronaldo ended up paying a massive £150k back in 2009 (trebling its original price) which was a huge amount considering he no longer lived in the UK.



Here is a list of football themed plates that have been previously sold:

60 ALS (60 ALS) - £150,000

West Ham (WE57 HAM) – £58,320

Arsenal (AR53 NAL) – £46,736

Hull City (HU11 CTY) – £46,736

Villa (V1 LLA) – £45,440

Albion (ALB ION) – £24,000

Bristol (BR15 TOL) – £20,168

Derby (DER 8Y) – £18,872

Manchester United (M417 UTD) – £17,835

Saints (S41 NTS) – £14,984

Preston (PRE 570N) – £11,953

As the passion of UK football knows no bounds, fans will go above and beyond to show their support and dedication for their team through purchasing a football themed number plate.


Investing in a football-themed plate not only adds a touch of class to your vehicle but also shows the unwavering support for your favourite team. Plates linked to popular teams or iconic players may appreciate over time, potentially becoming valuable assets


Creating your favourite Football teams plate the Budget-Friendly way

If you are keen to showcase your team spirit without the hefty price tag, or buying as a gift or your loved one, look no further. A popular approach is by using the suffix style number plate to create your clubs name for example:

ARS: Arsenal

ASV: Aston Villa

CHE: Chelsea

EVE: Everton

FC: Football Club

LFC: Liverpool

MNU: Manchester United

TOT: Tottenham

WOL: Wolverhampton

This creative approach also works well with other style of number plates, including dateless and Irish, offering flexibility and affordability in expressing your team devotion.



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