Buying a Personalised Number Plate as a Gift

Want to buy a private number plate as a gift ?

Buying a private number plate for a loved one has become increasingly popular for special occasions such as Birthdays or Christmas or to commemorate notable events such as graduation, birth year, year of marriage etc. 

Here at Moonstone Plates, we can guarantee you a hassle-free transaction from start to finish. You, the customer is our number one priority and we will offer you the right help and advice every step of the way. If you're buying a registration as a present, we also offer you the option to purchase one of our bespoke gift boxes to showcase the plates, elevating your gift to a truly special level.

We will handle the entire transfer on behalf of the recipient for you, ensuring a stress-free transaction. All the correct documentation will be supplied to you in advance (We just require the V5 of the vehicle it is being assigned to or if you are just wanting it on a retention certificate you would just need tp provide us with your ID).



Can I buy now and gift later?

Certainly, you have the flexibility to purchase any personalised registration plate ahead of time and present it as a gift. Some people purchase plates years in advance, for example, buying a personal registration for a child for them to be gifted it when they receive a car or for a special birthday.

When you purchase a number plate it is either on a retention certificate or a certificate of entitlement and is valid for a 10-year period from the date of issue. If the 10-year expiry date is close to expiry for your certificate of entitlement (pink certificate V750), you can renew your rights to use your private plate for free.

The gift recipient will be able to assign the plate to their car whenever they choose to, on their preferred transfer date.

However, if your registration plate has been registered to a car once before, and you want to renew your retention certificate (V778), it will cost a compulsory DVLA fee of £80

It is free to assign a registration plate to your car.



Can you transfer this registration for me?

Of course! We can handle the legal transfer of the gift registration number. This can be done as soon as possible, or for a desired date. This can only be done if we have the V5C (logbook) information as well as the certificate information.



What if the person I am buying for does not have a vehicle yet?

Not a problem! Buy now and the recipient has up to 10 years to legally assign the plate to their future vehicle. If the plate is kept on a retention document, they may also renew this every 10 years, if needed.



What do I need to do if I have received a private plate as a gift?

Upon receiving a personalised plate as a gift, you will have received the certificate containing details of both the purchaser and the intended user of the registration. Once you’re ready to assign your new plates to your vehicle, you need to complete the process in 3 different ways:

- Online, via the DVLA website.

- By mail, by completing your certificate of entitlement and logbook (V5C).

- Alternatively, we at Moonstone Plates can manage the process for you; however, we will require both the V5C and the certificate.

Don’t forget to inform your car insurance of the plate change (this is usually free to do)



Buying personalised number plates gift

If you are wanting to buy a registration plate for somebody else, it is an easy process.

Search through our website for thousands of different options available and find the ideal personalised number plates you want.

Once you have found the perfect plate, you can either order online through our website or alternatively get in touch with us and we can help and talk you through it.

When you are ordering, you can add the gift recipient as the ‘nominee’ - this means their name will be printed on the certificate.

Please take note that before physical private number plates can be fitted onto the car, the legal transfer must be completed, either by the recipient or us.



How long does it take to assign plates?

Assigning the plate to a car will not take long online through the DVLA website, 3 weeks max.

However, if you are required to complete a postal transfer, this may take up to 6 weeks.

As soon as the legal transfer has been completed, the plate is assigned to the vehicle, you can now fit your physical plates to your car. You will need to update your insurance company of the change in your registration. You are then allowed to drive your car with your new private number plate!

A new V5C (logbook) will then be sent to the registered keeper through the post by DVLA with your new plate on it.


Looking to buy a private number plate?

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Looking to sell a private number plate?

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