Celebrity Number Plates and Their Distinguished Owners

While the rich and famous often want to remain anonymous while out and about, others are easily identifiable with their distinctive or unique number plate.

The big screen is not new to unique number plates either; they have been showcasing striking and unique number plates since way back when all films were in black and white and featured original characters or memorable digits that made their automobiles easily identifiable.

Celebrity Number Plates

A 7 The prestigious registration number A 7, issued by the London Council in 1903, belongs to the late HRH Queen Elizabeth II. This historically significant plate was initially offered on a first-come, first-served basis, with Earl Russell securing the legendary A 1 plate after an overnight wait.


MAG 1C Renowned magician Paul Daniels owned the perfectly matched registration plate MAG 1C for years, adorning a Ferrari included in the sale.


EH 1 Sixties ballad sensation Engelbert Humperdinck proudly displayed the early release registration plate EH 1 on his Rolls Royce Corniche.


H41 RDO Renowned hairdresser Nicky Clarke adds a personalised touch to his car with the distinctive plate H41 RDO.


BOX IIIG British professional boxer Amir Khan flaunts his passion for personalised number plates, with his standout plate being BOXIING.


COM 1C Comedian Jimmy Tarbuck's registration number COM 1C perfectly complements his television presence and comedic career since the 1960s.


1 CUE Snooker champion Jimmy White previously owned the distinctive number plate 1 CUE.


VIP 1 Roman Abramovich, one of the world's wealthiest individuals, is rumoured to be the owner of VIP 1, a registration plate once used by Pope John Paul II during a visit to Ireland in 1979.


F1 Afzal Khan secured the historic F1 number plate, setting a new record by paying £331,000 for the plate from Essex County Council.


AMS 1 Lord Sugar, a successful businessman, proudly displays the registration AMS 1 on his Rolls Royce Phantom, as often seen on his TV show The Apprentice.


NAS 1 Former world champion boxer Prince Naseem owns the fittingly titled registration plate NAS 1.


1 BOX Professional boxer Chris Eubank previously owned the distinguished plate 1 BOX.


1 KO Following in his father's footsteps, Chris Eubank Jr. displays 1 KO on his modified Mansory Bentley Continental GT.


FER 1 Radio personality and car enthusiast Chris Evans owns the vintage Ferrari featuring the distinctive FER 1 plate.


CL07 HES Fashion icon Gok Wan adds flair to his matte black jeep with the personalised registration plate CL07 HES.


6 HEF Chef James Martin, known for his love of cars, sports the personalised number plate 6HEF across his diverse car collection.


23 D Dragon's Den business mogul Duncan Bannatyne proudly owns the personalised plate 23 D, a gift from his first wife.



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The multi-million-dollar movie franchise, that evolved from comic books, The  Batman series, has seen actors like George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Robert Pattinson don that iconic cape. Back in the 1960s Batman version, the coveted number plate BAT 1 graced the Batmobile, standing out as one of the most sought-after registrations associated with this iconic character.

Back to the Future

Going back almost 40 years when the classic "Back to the Future," was born, Dr. Emmet Brown ingeniously transformed a Delorean DMC-12 into a time-traveling machine, featuring the unique registration plate OUTATIME which blended seamlessly with the movie's time-travel theme.

James Bond 007

Amongst the 26 James Bond movies, starring the 6 different actors, some of the most elite vehicles also starred in these films, notably the Aston Martin DB5 from the 1965 film "Goldfinger" which remains etched in memory. Alongside its bulletproof windows and hidden ejector seat, the car sported the exclusive number plate JB 007, adding a touch of sophistication to the iconic spy's ride. Also AU 1 which appeared on Auric Goldfinger’s Rolls-Royce Phantom III.

101 Dalmations

Even beloved Disney characters embrace personalized number plates. In "101 Dalmatians," the infamous Cruella Deville cruises in a classic car with the registration plate DEVIL. This sought-after plate, released by DVLA in November 2021, found its new home with us here at Moonstone Plates.


Flash Thompson, the high school jock and reluctant admirer of Spiderman, adds a touch of flair to his Audi with the personalised registration plate FLASHDRV.

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