Devil Car Registration Number Plate

Way back in January 1961 (62 years ago) the very first 101 Dalmatians animated film was released by Walt Disney, it was based on the 1956 Novel – The Hundred and One Dalmatians.


This is when we saw the first glimpse of Cruella Deville in the iconic Panther De Ville car albeit in cartoon version until it hit the big screen as a movie in November 1996. It went on to be used in 102 Dalmatians (2000) and two De Ville's for the film Cruella (2021) as Cruella de Vil's car.


This was never a car for regular people, this car cost more than anything else on the market back in the 1970s. More expensive than most Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce (luxury car's) at the time and even to this day!

With only 60 ever to be made the Panther De Vil's car is iconic, with the likes of Sir Elton John and actor Oliver Reed previously owning one, but the real-life version sold at auction in 2020 for $1.5 million (again beating most luxury car prices today!)


In December 2021, for the very first time, DEV 1L came up at the DVLA Auction, as a perfectly spelt plate it was very much sought after and attracted a lot of bidders on this one, the price started to rise at an incredible speed. Eventually after 2 days of intense bidding the hammer finally went down for a whopping £240,010, with VAT & fees totalling £308,253


This sale catapulted DEV 1L into the exclusive realm of high-value plates, possibly beyond the financial reach of even Cruella De vil herself. The proud new owners of this coveted plate are none other than us here at Moonstone Plates Ltd.


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