AU 1 – A Glimpse into Iconic Plates and Film History!

The “AU 1” registration plate, famously showed up on a Rolls-Royce in the James Bond film “Goldfinger” back in 1964, starring Sean Connery and was chosen because the chemical symbol for gold is 'AU' and now, the coveted 'AU 1' plate is up for sale. In the James Bond movie, the first actor to play the part of the famous spy, the number plate belonged to Auric Goldfinger's Rolls-Royce Phantom III, which featured a black-and-gold paint scheme.

AU 1 is seen as quite a special number plate, not for it's high popularity initals, but for it's feature in the "Goldfinger" film and resemblance to the precious metal, Gold, as AU is what gold represent's on the periodic table.

For many drivers, such as ourselves at Moonstone Plates, a personalised number plate adds an extra bit of "coolness" to their car. While most personalised plates tend to be special to their owner or hold sentimental value, sometimes, a number plate becomes available that appeals to drivers, collectors, and historians from all walks of life. One such number plate being ‘AU 1’.


As personalised plates remain big business - certainly big enough for their investment potential to be a consideration, in those terms, shorter generally equals better, with two-letter and one-number derivatives often ranking among the most highly sought-after. That includes ’25 O’, still the UK record-breaker for SOLD prices at DVLA auction, after it fetched more than half a million quid back in 2014 (because Ferrari 250 GTO). 


The market for historic and personalised registration plates remains robust, with previous auctions showcasing the value these plates command. 'DEV 1L' related to Cruella de Vil's iconic Panther De Ville car, fetched an astounding £240,010 at a DVLA auction in 2021. Moonstone Plates Ltd proudly owns this piece of history, elevating it to the upper echelons of super plates. Bonhams Auction House sold Edinburgh’s very first registration ‘S 1’ for a staggering hammer price of £360,000!!  The first number issued anywhere is always significant with the local population and motoring enthusiasts.

Moonstone Plates' interest in 'DEV 1L' sparks curiosity about its future vehicle pairing, considering its current placement is on a Ford Fiesta Eco-boost. The allure of personalised plates, stirred by iconic films like Goldfinger, adds a layer of fascination to these unique pieces of automotive history.


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