DVLA's February 2024 auction was, as previously announced, an online event that ran from Wednesday 14th to Tuesday 20th February 2024.


TOP 10

2 FU £74,565

8 XN£54,021

501 O£34,761

A911 GTS£32,514

HER 105S£32,193

365 G£30,074

THE 904T£27,198

6 NJM£27,057

3 SSL£25,208

4 KAK£24,168

All prices quoted in this report include fees and taxes.


Out of the Ordinary

The DVLA's highly anticipated February 2024 auction, originally planned as a live event, transitioned smoothly into an online extravaganza. Running from Wednesday 14th to Tuesday 20th February, this auction showcased an intriguing mix of registrations, with a unique twist in its lot count featuring only 1000 lots compared to the usual 2,500. This reduction stemmed from the initial plan for a live venue event, later shifted entirely online by the DVLA.


The top spot

In at No 1 was 2 FU, which sold for £74,565. This one was interesting, as FU combinations have been problematic on occasion and DVLA have declined requests to release them. There are some in circulation though which are owned by the Smart Circus family of circus fame.

Securing the number two slot was taken by 8 XN at £54,021. The last few single-digit XN numbers have achieved much higher prices than previous XN plates with the first five registrations to be released achieved an average hammer price of £4,100 each.

In third place was the word plate 501 O (Solo), acquired for £34,761. Following closely at fourth was A911 GTS at £32,514, likely sought after for its Porsche association. The final entry in the top five was the word plate HER 105S (Her loss), purchased for £32,193, hinting at a potential touch of bitterness.


Vehicle Enthusiasts' Picks

While Ferrari plates were less prominent, 365 G managed to entice a buyer at £30,074. Porsche enthusiasts had a range of options, including the previously mentioned A911 GTS other plates on a similar theme were 911 JNR (£12,933), SJM 911 (£12,933), 911 SSV (£6,384) and 911 DWF (£3,239) A911 GTS, 911 JNR and others, providing ample choices for those devoted to the brand.


Name Number Plates

Despite the reduced lot count, name number plates made an appearance, featuring notable examples like HR51 NGH (£10,365) clearly represents the name Singh, another likely candidate for the name Singh was 557 NGH at £8,554.


Other names on offer were RAY 3N (£12,920), ABB 14E (£10,4290), 786 JAY (£10,391), 92 JAY (£10,378), LEE 8B (£9,749), ASH 5H (£9,723) and, possibly, 81 LLV (£5,229).


Word plates

The auction boasted intriguing word registrations, with THE 904T (The GOAT) fetching £27,198, However, they are not without competition as a rival contender for the title paid £5,562 for THE 604T in 2019 and WHY 510W (Why slow?) prompting curiosity at £11,649.

Another one with a hint of ambiguity was BRA 51C (£8,888). Is this buyer stating there current state of affairs or possibly just a massive fan of the TV comedy series.


P455 MOT (Pass MOT) which sold for £8,644, possibly purchased by a very optimistic car owner or possibly mechanic or a garage owner.


We hope for the new owner of DRA 460N (£7,797) is at least Welsh, or possibly one of the famous Den's entrepreneurs!!


Discovering Hidden Treasures

Some registrations in the auction defied traditional categorisation, captivating onlookers with striking repetition or elegant symmetry. Notable examples such as OO09 OOO fetched an impressive £14,936 and registrations like 501 O to this esteemed collection, commanding a robust £34,761.

Another popular format revolves around numbers followed by the letter O. The auction in September 2023 witnessed the acquisition of several O numbers at lucrative prices, such as 8888 O (£31,037), 760 O (£27,057), and 54 OO (£26,415). These distinctive formats continue to capture the imagination of enthusiasts, contributing to the allure of these hidden gems. In this month's auction, OO09 OOO sold for £14,936 and there have been plenty more.


The Stats

Overall, February's DVLA online auction comprised of 1000 lots, 999 of which were sold and one unsold. Purchasers spent a commendable total of £4,858,634, contributing £4,546,088 to the Treasury. A pretty good result considering the reduced number of lots.


This Auction delivered a fascinating array of registrations, from top-dollar sales to quirky finds. The unique lot count added an element of surprise, and enthusiasts can look forward to more captivating offerings in the upcoming March auction.


The next DVLA timed online auction will take place from Wednesday 20th March to Tuesday 26th March 2024.


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