May 2024 DVLA Auction’s was an online event that ran from Wednesday 8th to Tuesday 14th May.


TOP 10

1 WLK £93,825

11 RM £55,305

8055 G £38,600

911 FU £32,180

AST 3ON £30,267

891 M £28,328

RJS 111 £25,965

1 JXB £24,489

1 TKG £21,921

212 X £21,369

All prices quoted include fees and taxes.


In at the Top

The highest price achieved in this auction was a huge £93,825 for this three-letter, number one digit 1 WLK


In at number two would be a perfect plate for Ronald McDonald, 11 RM, although more than a few Happy Meals would need to be sold to pay the £55,305 it achieved.


Third was one of the “Boss” plates, 8055 G read as 'Boss G', in slang talk G stands for “Gangsta” but it’s more commonly acknowledged as a familiar friend or buddy or someone you respect and as the Boss it was obviously worth the £38,600 to them.


Yet again in at four was a 911 plate, 911 FU which sold for £32,180. These 911 registrations are frequently snapped up by Porsche owners. But the two digits FU were previously deemed as potentially offensive by the DVLA, but possibly had a change of heart seeing as 2 FU, was the most expensive registration sold in the February 2024 auction at a whopping £74,565


A fabulous ‘Aston’ plate came in at number five AST 30N bought for £30,267 possibly an Aston owner or name maybe.



Number 1

Shorter registrations proved to be more popular in this auction, especially a handful of number-ones which will be forever inn demand, 1 JXB at £24,489, 1 TKG at £21,921, 1 OPP at £19,353 and 1 HXJ at £17,684 are good examples. Even if the initials are not relevant to the buyers, they still have that number-one appeal.



As we saw in the top 10 AST 30N and 911 FU did really well but other car references didn’t fair too bad, 355 S (for a Ferrari 355 S?) at £16,772 and some more of the popular '911' combinations: 911 PTS at £14,230, 911 GSB at £7,540 and 911 SOC at £4,831.



A few names stood out in this auction, one of the better one’s being 488 AS ('Abbas'?) at £20,663, the name Abbas is a boys name of Arabic origin meaning “Lion, stern, serious or the buyer could just be a super fan of the 70’s pop group. A44 MED ('Ahmed'?) sold for £18,326, NAV 41D ('Navid') fetched £15,629, while further down the rankings was BB51 NGH, which is a good 'Singh' plate at £10,622.


The stats

Overall this auction comprised of 2,000 lots with just 11 being unsold. Purchasers spent a total of £6,562,210, delivering a massive £6,143,316 to the Treasury.


The next DVLA timed online auction will take place from Wednesday 19th June to Tuesday 25th June 2024.

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