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May 2024 DVLA Auction’s was an online event that ran from Wednesday 8th to Tuesday 14th May.   TOP 10 1 WLK £93,825 11 RM £55,305 8055 G £38,600 911 FU &

Are tinted number plates legal?

Are tinted, coloured or grey number plates legal? Thinking of getting a nice pair of tinted number plates and wondered if you can put them on your car legally, well the answer unfortunately is no,

How to remove a number plate

Your front & rear number plates are usually fitted in one of two ways, either screwed to your vehicle or stuck to your vehicle using adhesive tabs.   FITTED WITH SCREWS First you wi

How to check if a number plate is on retention?

Firstly, what does retention mean? It means you have the ability to keep hold of something or continue having something in your possession, so in number plate terms, if you do not assign a private

Can you make your own number plate & register it?

Personalised number plates are an affordable way to add real individuality to your vehicle, helping you to show a little character on the roads. They can often be completely unique and, over time, can