Where is the best place to sell my private number plate?

How can I sell my Private Number Plate?


Want to sell your private plate but don’t know where to start, well you do have a few different options.

By advertising it online or using the classified sections of magazines or newspapers, using selling sites like eBay, gumtree, your own media platforms or by using a broker or a professional private number plate selling service such as us to facilitate the transaction.


Several key things need to be kept in mind when selling it yourself:

  • The transfer of the plate to the new owner will need to be handled using the appropriate DVLA forms to assign the plate correctly.
  • Exercise caution to avoid falling victim to fraudulent buyers.
  • Never disclose the Certificate number from your private plate unless you are completely confident the buyer is genuine.
  • Ensure you are getting a fair price by assessing the market.

Whether you're selling for cash or to fund a new number plate, you want to ensure you get the best price possible.


Getting a valuation for your private plate

Depending on how small or large the market of buyers is will affect the price. Also, the popularity of the plate’s content will determine how big a market there is for your specific number plate.

The value of your private plate depends on various factors, for instance, plates containing references to specific interests like sports teams or initials may attract different buyer demographics. Additionally, factors like novelty and age play significant roles in valuation. Plates with timeless designs or those featuring combinations of numbers and letters often command higher prices.

For example, a plate that contains KOP or LFC would be highly sought after among large numbers of Liverpool Football fans, while a plate that just contains your initials will only appeal to buyers that have the same initials. 

You need to consider a few different factors ie novelty factor and age are two of the most important considerations when it comes to valuing plates for resale. Short, ageless, or dateless plates do tend to have the highest values. Plates that contain numbers and letters like ’25 O’, for example, tend to command the best prices.



Why sell your private number plate through us?

Identifying the correct price for your registration can sell faster before the price fluctuates. Plates that are priced too high will suffer from a lack of interest, while pricing that is too low means that you could be cheating yourself out of profit. 

Having your number plate valued professionally can help to determine a price that will position your plate favourably to prospective buyers.  

Our professional service will handle all aspects of advertising and locating a buyer so that you can make a sale quickly and easily with less fuss. We don’t just pick a figure from the top of our head, our valuations team will be checking all the following before you receive an accurate valuation:


  • Desirability & Novelty Value
  • Age
  • Registration length
  • Market demand
  • Rarity
  • Price comparison



Using our service not only helps you get the best price possible and saves you time, but also means that we will handle the payments and the number’s transfer to the new owner, and this is a totally FREE service that we offer – the valuation we give you is the price you receive.


Once the price has been set we can list your number plate for sale on our website www.moonstoneplates.com, where we have thousands of people looking for new personalised plates daily and also we send it to many other brokers websites putting your plate in front of an audience of thousands of  potential buyers with absolutely no cost to yourself.


Looking to buy a private number plate?

Take a look on our website at the thousands and thousands of private number plates to suit all budgets with prices starting at just £275, it is a perfect & unique gift for everybody.

Click the link www.moonstoneplates.com/buy or press our logo to go back to the home page to begin your number plate journey!

Or if you would like to speak to someone you can call our team Mon-Fri 9am to 6pm at 01995 213112 or click here to contact us!


Looking to sell a private number plate?

Alternatively, if you have a registration plate and are looking to sell or know someone who might you can click here to go to our sell page or give our team a call on 01995 213112.


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