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Devil Car Registration Number Plate

Way back in January 1961 (62 years ago) the very first 101 Dalmatians animated film was released by Walt Disney, it was based on the 1956 Novel – The Hundred and One Dalmatians.   Thi

Why Get A Private Number Plate?

Replacing the standard DVLA registration plate with a number that’s relevant to you or your business, is a great way to stamp your own identity on your vehicle.   This has become an e

Are number plate lights a legal requirement?

Firstly, what is a number plate light? It is a small fixture positioned at the rear of your vehicle, above the rear number plate. It is designed to illuminate your registration plate. As the plate

When did tax discs stop?

  When were tax discs abolished? The little round iconic tax disc, a fixture on UK vehicles since 1921, met its end on October 1, 2014. Initially square and made of plain grey paper with b