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How do you Transfer a Personalised Number Plate?

If you are the owner of a private number plate, there may come a time when you need to transfer or change the number. It will either already be assigned to a vehicle on a V5C vehicle logbook (or V6

What do the green stripes on number plates mean?

Due to the ever-increasing awareness of the current climate crisis, many motorists have become interested in greener driving. Not only are the emissions released into the atmosphere by petrol

Buying a Personalised Number Plate as a Gift

Want to buy a private number plate as a gift ? Buying a private number plate for a loved one has become increasingly popular for special occasions such as Birthdays or Christmas or to commemor

Why are number plates yellow & white?

Each country across the world have their own ways of displaying number plates, some have a certain colour for the types of vehicle (i.e. orange for taxis, blue for private cars etc), other countr

What makes a good investment plate in 2024/2025?

Once a symbol of the social elite, and normally only seen on luxury cars of the rich and famous, the private number plate industry has boomed in recent decades and if bought wisely have been prov